LAKSHMISHA BATH 4 jours de chant, philosophie et sanskrit 16 au 19 juin 2022

Du 16 au 19 juin 2022.

Jivamukti yoga paris, Bandha yoga Paris & Cyril Lagel sont très heureux de recevoir pour la première fois à Paris.


Professeur de philosophie, chant et sanskrit de l’école syc / kpjayi de mysore, pour 4 jours de chant, philosophie et sanskrit ! 🙏🏼.

Lakshmisha Bhat est le professeur officielle de philosophie, de chant et de sanskrit au Sharath Yoga Center de Mysore (anciennement KPJAYI) depuis 2003 ✨.


STUDIO : @jivamuktiyogaparis.

Jeudi 18:30-20:30 Philosophie & Chant.

Vendredi 18:30-20:30 Philosophie & Chant.

Samedi 13:30-15:30 Philosophie & Chant.

Samedi 16:00-17:00 Introduction Sanskrit.

Dimanche 10:30-12:30 Philosophie & Chant.

Dimanche 13:00-14:00 introduction Sanskrit.

STUDIO : @bandha_yoga_paris

Dimanche 15:00-17:00 introduction Philosophie & Chant.


Drop in ou introduction philo + chant  : 40 euros.

Drop in Sanskrit: 25 euros.

Package 4 jours philo + chant: 140 euros.

Package 4 jours philo + chant + sanskrit: 190 euros.


Chanting :.

Different types of Bhajans ( shiva, ganesha, devi, ETC), Ashtanga beginning and closing prayers,  Countings, Primary series asanas names. With stories and explanations.

Philosophy : Hathayoga Pradipika.

1st day & introduction; How yoga starts, the introduction of Yoga. Importance of Parampara. Meaning of the Guru.

2nd day; Tapas. The whys of keeping knowledge. The hows of becoming a spiritual student and sadhana.

3rd day; What kind of behavior yoga students should avoid, what kind of behavior yoga students should Develop. how to improve the practice.

4th day; Explaining some asanas and benefits. including Siddhasana, Bhadrasana, Simhasana, and Padmasana.

Sanskrit classes :.

1st day; Learning all the vowels and Gutural and Palatal consonants with pronunciation and with .examples. And learning how to write the Sanskrit letters.

Learning Cerebral, Dental, Labial, and semi vowels. with examples and pronunciation.Learning how to write the pure consonants.

2nd day; Learning how to write the simple words, (combination of consonant vowel )

with 5-6 examples.

Working on few more examples,and reading exercises.

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